Name: José Luis Fernández Aznarez
Address: C/ Agastia, 81, 3ºB. Madrid.
Tel: 914164840 - 913774879
Place of birth: Arros Nay (France) 1929
Status: Married


Enrols at School of Fine Arts, San Carlos, Valencia and at same time, starts works in a studio creating religious statues at the age of fourteen.

Later moves to Teruel, continuing at the school of Fine Arts there and working on the restoration of altars for the state company Regiones Desbastadas.

At the age of sixteen, he is awarded a scholarship by the county council of Pamplona to create replicas of the Valencian figure of the recumbent Christ by Gregorio Fernández and of Santa Teresa by Bernini, a scholarship of which he was unable to take advantage until the age of eighteen. Until then, he enrolled with the Salesians to continue his studies in sculpture.

He later moves to Vigo creating figures for the Alvarez porcelain factory.At the same time, he creates carving of furniture in the style of Louis XV. He is awarded First prize in Modelling by the School of Fine Arts, Vigo. Starts creating stone sculptures in his own workshop and is chosen to represent Vigo in a national competition.

In 1953, he moves to Madrid where he works for the company Talleres de Arte Granda (TAG) for the next nine years. He later founds his own studio creating various wooden reliefs. For a brief time, he returns to Vigo to work on stone sculpture.

Later and together with other sculptors, he starts the project that will become the Madrid and Barcelona wax museums, creating the figures of Prince Felipe, Adolfo Suárez, José Tarradellas etc.

Soon after, he starts work in the cinematographic studios Roma, working in scenery. He also works for a short time in the creation of models for the famous sculptors Juan de Avalos and Augusto Ortega Bru.

From 1980 till the present day and on a freelance basis, he has worked for the Casa de Porcelanas Surena, has made bronzes for the Casa de Subastas Durán, created various sculptures for the Cofradía de Villarrubia de los Ojos (Ciudad Real), works for shops selling religious articles as well as numerous works for religious congregations and for private citizens.