Our studio came into being as a result of the artistic vocation of José Luís Fernández Aznarez. (1929, Arros, France). He started his training in his early childhood in Fine Arts schools and sculptors' studios and his precociousness soon began to show in the creativity and quality of his work. At the age of 16 he was awarded a scholarship by the county council of Pamplona and soon after, obtained First Prize in Modelling from the School of Fine Arts, Vigo.

No sooner had his training ended than his professional career began. In 1963 he established his own studio where he created innumerable works primarily for religious orders and brotherhoods, shops specializing in religious artefacts and for private citizens, especially in Spain and South America.

He worked simultaneously on numerous projects for the Madrid and Barcelona waxwork museums, the Granda Art Studios, Duran Auction Houses, Roma Studios, Studio Juan de Abalos and Ortega Bru Studio.

In 1989, with the incorporation of his two sons, Jorge and José Angel Fernandez, he was able to undertake more wide-ranging works.

Our new studio 2009

In 1999, his two daughters, Maria Teresa Fernandez (B.A. Fine Arts, Madrid Complutense, specializing in Restoration) and Esther Fernandez (Graduate in Artistic Trades- La Palma) joined the studio to cope with the increasing demand for sulptures, paintings and restorations.

Currently, they are jointly continuing to strive with the non-conformist spirit the studio was born with, to produce traditional, quality work, applying new technologies wherever necessary to optimize production.

Listed below are but a few of the more than 1000 sculptures produced by this studio to be found all over the globe.
Sagrada Familia Parish, Caracas, Venezuela. 1995 - 1996
11 reliefs
Santísimo Corpus Cristo Parish, Toledo.
Wood-sculpted Stations of the Cross and life-size Last Supper.
Easter Parade figures.
Madrid, Guadalajara, Benidorm, Oviedo, Galapagar, Coruña...
Our Lady of the Angels Monastery - Hanceville, Alabama, E.E.U.U. 1997-2000. 21 reliefs for doors, crypt, façade, baby Jesús, angels and capital.

Almudena Cathedral, Madrid + Hospital de la Milagrosa Figures for the Paules altar + relief for the main façade of the hospital.
Figures for the Paules altar + relief for the main façade of the hospital.
Parish of Maria Virgen Madre. España 2003

Carving of Christ 2m 20cm and Virgin 1m 92cm. Walnut sacrarium.Restoration Sacred Heart. corazón
Adornment of Parish of San Lesmes, Alcobendas, Madrid. 2000 - 2004
Mensuras, capillas para las imágenes y sillería., capilla del bautismo, urna para santo oleos, ráfagas y pedestal en madera dorada para el Sagrario, confesionario en madera de roble
Parish of St. John the Baptist, Costa Mesa. California. U.S.A.
Relief of Jesus with the Baptist. 400x 350cm. Doors depicting baptism.
Dominicas of Tennessee, USA. Life-size figures of Saint Domingo, Saint Catherine, Joseph and the Virgin, Mary
Houston, Texas. USA. Figure of the Virgen del Amor Puro, Joseph and Saint Josemaria
Parish of Saint Teresa and Saint Isabel, Madrid Parade figure of Virgen del Carmen 230cm.
CONCEPCIONISTAS MISIONERAS DE LA ENSEÑANZA 98 works on Blessed Carmen Sallés for Spain, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Japan, United States, Mexico, Brazil, the Congo etc...
CARMELITAS DESCALZOS. Variety of figures and restoration works for Burgos, Coruña, Gijon, Oviedo, Segovia and Soria.

Parish of Santa Paula, Madrid. Figures of the Virgin Mary, Saint Paula 180cm. Measurements and adornment of Sacrarium

School of Engineering-University of Navarra San Sebastian. Reliefs of the child Jesus among the doctors. Saint Josemaria and angel.

Parish Saint Josemaria, Valencia. Calvary 200cm.
Chapel of Nuestra Señora del Camino, Mecerreyes, Burgos. Reliefs of Saint Anne, the Virgin, Saint Joaquín, Saint Joseph and Saint Martin.
Parish of Cristo Sacerdote, Madrid. Virgin, wooden sculpture 140 cm.
Parish of Buen Pastor, Madrid. Figure of Good Shepherd.
Franciscanas de los Sagrados Corazones, Antequera, Malaga. Figure and relief of Mother Carmen
Sculptures of Christ, crucified- for 5 parishes in Madrid
Nuestra Señora del Sagrario, San Pedro de Garaganta de los Montes, San Pedro de Siete Iglesias, San Tomas de Gascones and Nuestra Señora del Pilar del Cuadron.
Parish of Asunción de Ntra. Sra. Galapagar, Madrid. Virgin of Guadalupe and relief in stone of Virgin sleeping before Assumption